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"You are beautiful because you let yourself feel, and that is a brave thing indeed."

— Shinji Moon (via moaka)

(Source: feelendlessly, via angryfatandbabely)

"He took my hand in his, guiding my fingertips along the skin of his thighs, I could feel the softness separated by streams of pale white skin- stretchmarks- connecting and weaving throughout his skin, I was a cartographer documenting new territory, letting my fingers trace over the small lines that seamed to keep him intact…Creating interlocking puzzle pieces of skin in their wake as if without them glueing him together he’d disapear into a thousand bits and pieces, magical. He brought my face to his and whispered softly “we all have them, they’re not bad”."

- Moments That Made Me Love Myself, Katie Scarlett (via stophatingyourbody)

(Source: katiescarlettspeaks, via stophatingyourbody)